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Managing Expectations TC Services

We are so excited we’re going to be working together, and we look forward to helping you achieve your business goals! We want to set proper expectations from the start.

Here are a few things for you to know so we get the most out of our relationship:

  • “All work expands to the time allowed” -BOLD Law. All TC files will be processed Monday-Friday from 9am to 5pm. You have to fill out the proper intake in Open to Close (before 4pm) to trigger this process. This is a hard and fast rule, please plan accordingly.
  • Communication is KEY! We need you to respond to questions as quickly as possible. Many tasks cannot be completed without answers, approval, or feedback.
  • We will be ready to get to work for you right away. How quickly we can get to work for you depends on how quickly you get us all the necessary information. We need your CRM/Signing software log-in and passwords. We will get you set-up in Open to Close (our transaction software). An email will be sent to you with all the information on using this system. We are ready to go!
  • Offer writing- For an offer to be written for you, you MUST use the offer intake form. https://forms.gle/H4GPvJvCYT8Lniw16                                             We write offers Monday-Friday from 9am to 8pm & Saturday 9am -1pm.
  • Addendum writing- For addendums simply email the necessary information to our inbox and we will get it taken care of.  We write addenda Monday-Friday from 9am – 5pm.
  • The tasks that are listed on the “Transaction Coordination Services” pages are the only tasks that are included in the price you are paying.


As transaction coordinators we handle the administrative work of the real estate transaction. This can include preparing and submitting purchase documentation, gathering information or documentation from you (the buyer or selling agent), communicating with other real estate agents, title and lending, making sure documents get signed & into the right hands, that deadlines are met, & that listing tasks are completed. Anything beyond these administative tasks are not part of the scope of our job. At JG Coordinating, we work hard to go above and beyond, and we pride ourselves on our thoroughness and care. Our number one goal is to make sure your transactions move along smoothly.